Community is Everything

The Job Description

What we are looking for.


Musts, Shoulds, Could & Deal Breakers

1. Consent (MUST)

…Understand and Practice…

  “Boundaries are the distance as which I can love you and me simultaneously.” Prentis Hemphill

2. Love Over Fear (MUST)

…Growth mindset is not about money… Expansion

3. Must be Adults (MUST)

An adult is someone that owns their own mistakes, and always seeks Understanding, even in the face of discomfort, in the service of Love.

Adults can have difficult conversations, and are amenable to being called out when they are projecting, when they are not thinking critically, and have the courage and the temperament to call others out in respectful constructive ways.  Sometimes conflict is the means to resolve conflict.  Conflict avoidance is cowardice.

Adults are people who have done their own inner-child work, own their own triggers and are capable of being reminded when they are not owning their own stuff.

Adults are governed by Reason, and can be reasoned with.

Adults have attitutudes and life-styles which reflect self-responsibility.  Our kind of people are vital and tend to be active, have moderate appetites, and healthy relationships with food, substances and their bodies.

4. Community Mindset (MUST)

We are looking for people that WANT to be in community, who value community, and have an innate understanding of what it means to find a balance between vulnerability and dependability.  We are absolutely aiming for Stable Mutual Actualisation.  That means that everyone is free to actualise in their own way, until it comes at cost to the community, which community is unwilling to bear.  Everyone gets a voice, but in all matters, not all voices are equal: Some people will have experience and aptitudes for leadership, problem solving, bigger picture thinking, issues relating to areas of special knowledge.  All issues should be heard, but not all issues should be heard first.  The greatest need should always get the priorities.

By definition, community mindset, must be sustainability minded.  We are not aiming for perfection or radical veganism, we are trying to find a balance between ethical responsibility, sustainable living and harmony with the environment, as much as is reasonably in our control.  If we can do the right thing we will, we will keep asking what better looks like, and leaning that way.  We value enabling people to do the right thing rather than enforcing or preaching.

5. Consciousness (MUST)

The word conscious is being misused and overused, particularly inaccurately.  Consciousness is typified by strong self-awareness, presence, discernment, 

6. Sprirituality (COULD)

By this, we do not mean crystal owning, tie-die wearing or people that subscribe to their own language based on Instagram gurus.  

7. Hyper Political (DEAL BREAKER)

Wokeness: We cannot even say we respect your opinion on wokeness.  Wokeness and social justice has become an entrepreneurship of victimhood. Getting triggered is always your own problem. Sooner or later, the world, or life, will throw some shit at you that you cannot cancel. It is up to each of us to become resilient enough, to face the world as it is, and the world is clearly unfair.
This is the purpose of life, to grow up, and then tackle the unfairness in loving and courageous ways. That said, we are all about showing love to the greatest need, we just do not believe blame, retribution and victimhood adds any meaningful value.

Lastly, it is not on us, neither to disregard nor regard your pronouns. We will not make room in my caravan for your private burdens. We will not carry the seal of validation for your sovereignty.  We aren’t particularly concerned about how gay or straight you are, as long as you are unconfused about it, are safe around children, and are tolerant about people who are still catching up with how much the world is changing.

Ultra-Conservatives: While we have some traditional values, we are intolerant of intolerance.  

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