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Who are We

adulthood is an inner autumn -the grownups’ summer.
but choosing autumn is hard because it’s that one ratchet step towards winter.
and as young trees we have learnt to fear letting go.

Hi, my name is Rocco.
I am a new dad in his late 40s. 

I am previously divorced, and having really been put through the ringer, both in the corporate world and my previous marriage and community, I found myself seriously wanting to define a life for myself based on authentic spirituality, a sound philosophy not captured by politics or spiritual junk-food.

I am a philosopher and poet at heart, but above all, I am a father and a husband.

I want people around me, people are not only prepared to be real, but who want to be real. I can only love via deep connection, and I can only connect with Real people.

My name is Dympna, once a young mum at 19 now an old mum in my early 40s. 

I struggled many years with depression, found myself on 2 types of anti depressants as high achiever – endurance athlete and leader of 40 plus people – managing to show everyone love and martyring myself to oblivion but not showing love for myself.

In my mid 30’s i threw everything into healing myself. I met my now husband at 39, we were aligned in our valuing of authenticity, self-ownership and connection. We found a way for ourselves and are now proud parents to the beautiful little Maia. She is our hearts. Our circle is strong, but small now we want to grow it.

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Our Logo

Our logo has special meaning.  It is a stylised succelent, which we sometimes find resembling a sort of lotus pattern.  The lotus is obviously a symbol of consciousness, and specifically the tradition of mindfulness practices.  Succelents themselves are perfect symbols of resilience, hardiness in the deserts of meaning, forms of defiance, reservoirs of life, and they have strong selective outer barriers, by which they preserve their precious containers.  It is a not-so-subtle reminder to us both of the desert of connection we find ourselves in, and the way we hold to to our precious love, sanity and connection, knowing how rare they are in our times of modern crisis.

Our logo has seven fronds, which intersect and create a fractal pattern of reducing down to one drop at the very heart of the design.  Each frond is reaching in its own direction of actualisation, but coming together in common grounding at the heart.

It also, accidently looks like an explosion, or perhaps even a fire.  We’ll take that.

Finally the colour is the gumnut-green colour we encountered frequently in the bush and forests of Western Australia, where Maia was born, and a colour that seems to perennially follow her.  It was the colour we chose to accent our wedding with, and each of the fronds are shaped like the green-grey gum leaves we find in Autumn.